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Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to participate in Art Basel Miami Beach, December 5 – 8, 2013, Booth A5 with two concurrent exhibitions showcasing the gallery’s dedication to both influential contemporary artists and masters of modernism. A selection of gallery artists will be on view including Constantin Brancusi, David LaChapelle, Nir Hod, James Nares, and Taner Ceylan.

At the centennial anniversary of Brancusi’s debut at the Armory Show in 1913, where the sculptor exhibited five works that directed modern sculpture on a radical new path, the gallery’s fall and winter program will honor this seminal artist both at Art Basel Miami Beach and at our 515 West 27th Street location. During Art Basel Miami Beach, the gallery will exhibit Jeune Fille Sophistiquée, a polished bronze sculpture by Brancusi, and La Colonne Sans Fin, Targu-Jiu, a photograph by Brancusi of his Endless Column. As part of Art Basel Miami Beach’s Salon series, on Friday, December 6, 5 – 6pm, Brancusi's legacy will be discussed between Matthew Affron, The Muriel & Philip Berman Curator of Modern Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Dr. Jérôme Neutres, Curator and Writer, Special Advisor to the president of the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais and a board member of the Guimet Museum, Paris; Jean-Jacques Neuer, International Art Lawyer and representative of the Constantin Brancusi Estate.

In addition to the works by Constantin Brancusi, our presentation will also focus on works by internationally recognized contemporary artists including Taner Ceylan, David LaChapelle, Nir Hod, and James Nares. Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present never-before-exhibited works by these artists, exclusively for Art Basel Miami Beach. From Turkish artist Taner Ceylan, noted as Turkey's leading contemporary artist by, the gallery will present two new drawings, Cyparissus and Persephone. Gas 76, a photograph from David LaChapelle's new series, Gas Station, will be premiered at Art Basel Miami Beach, as a preview to his exhibition Land Scape, on view January 2014 at our 293 Tenth Avenue location. From Nir Hod, Once Everything Was Much Better Even The Future, a never-before-exhibited sculpture, is an exclusive look into his new body of work, which will be displayed by Paul Kasmin Gallery later in 2014. The sculpture consists of a moving scale model of an oil pumpjack encased within a large globe of oil, creating a world suspended in time, where the contradictions inherent in oil production and consumption peacefully coexist, while also alluding to the nostalgic scenes often depicted in snow globes. The gallery will also screen a film by James Nares, as a follow up to his renowned exhibition Street, displayed earlier this year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in addition to presenting Main Street, from Nares' Road Paint series.

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